Stonekeep Consulting, Inc

Stonekeep specializes in Internet enabled technologies and services ranging from platform support through fully developed applications. Our wide-ranging skillset can help your company to apply technology and knowledge to better deliver on your company's goals.

Our flagship products

    Conference management software for events. CONGO allows event adminstrators to manage registrations, contact lists, badge printing, credit card processing, and user signup pages all from a single application. Read all about CONGO.
  • Keystone
    Keystone is what put Stonekeep Consulting on the map. A web based ticketing system for small to medium sized IT departments, it allows tracking of tasks and open issues in a highly customizable view. Ticket history, release details, and hierarchial ticket structures are all standard. Read more about Keystone.

Other interesting articles

  • iOpener
    Stonekeep did a lot of work on the original NetPliance iOpener workstations. We've put together a series of pages that give detailed instructions on disassembly, upgrade, and configuration of these machines. Read more about iOpeners
  • jRemoteForMyth
    A simple demonstration of using a Java Swing client to control a MythTV box.

CONGO Open Source GPL Announcement

Over the last 12 years I’ve been working hard to develop CONGO into the best convention registration system I can manage. Since 2002, CONGO has been used for many events of all sizes, registering and printing badges for tens of thousands of attendees. There have been many successes and a few bumps, but all in all it’s been a great adventure.

Several events now rely heavily on CONGO for year-to-year attendee tracking, allowing online registration, keeping up-to-date history, managing thousands of attendees, as well as the relationship CONGO has to Zambia, the scheduling system.

EventJ - Hosted Event Management

EventJ is Stonekeep Consulting's solution for organizations who want a 'one stop shopping' hosted environment for their event.

EventJ brings the power of CONGO to the cloud with a fully functional and supported system online immediately.

Check out for all the details.

CONGO Released

A maintenance release of CONGO - has been published to the download section. This release adds the capability of using a template for outbound mail from the Links Request page on the public interface.

CONGO Released

Stonekeep Consulting is pleased to announce the release of CONGO, the latest version of our event management software. This release includes a completely redesigned user interface for Coconut, the administrative tool for CONGO, as well as a comprehensive 'links' mechanism for registrants that allows attendees to 'link' their logins to other attendees - this allows groups of people, families, and friends to register each other and check on their status.

In addition, CONGO is now available for binary download without requiring a login.