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The CONGOTM Event Management System is an easy-to-use, scalable, customizable application designed by veteran event planners with the real-world needs of the meetings professional in mind. CONGO coordinates online registration, notifications, reporting, and on-site badging into one streamlined interface that is designed specifically to speed the attendee through the registration process as quickly as possible.

CONGO includes all the tools necessary to run a small to medium sized event. Payment processing, reporting, registrant database lookups, invoicing, email notification are all available. Note that some features may only be available in CONGO Enterprise Edition.

Highlights include

  • Registrant database
    Fully browseable, searchable, and editable. Contains all contact information for the registrant and can be customized to incorporate other fields as desired.

  • Registrant and Event History
    CONGO keeps track of your event and registrant history, allowing event-to-event analysis. It's easy to determine how many events a registrant has attended, as well as doing deeper data analysis of registration timing, payment methodology, and demographics.

  • Detailed Configuration of Event Specific Information
    Not all events are the same. At one event, a planner may be offering a gala dinner, while at another T-shirts of various sizes are for sale. CONGO's Properties and Add-On management allows the meeting planner to tailor each event as necessary.

  • Online registration
    The event planner has full control over the online registration experience, including what information is requested by attendees, what payment methodologies are available, and when price changes are to go into effect.

  • At-Event Point of Sale and On-The-Fly Badge printing
    Fast registrant processing for day-of-event operations, such as badge printing, registrant maintenance, collection / validation of event fees (link to back end credit card authorization system), etc.

  • Public Interface
    A configurable 'public-facing' web interface, suitable for integration into an existing website, allowing registrants to create accounts and register for events.

  • Private 'management' interface
    A back end tool, called Coconut, allows for event planners and staff to manage the event, work with registrant data, and run reports.

  • Payment integration
    The public interface interfaces directly with Paypal and payment gateways.

  • Email notifications
    CONGO will automatically generate mailings to users when registration is completed. An administrator can also use the email system to send registration details to an attendee if needed.

  • Printing Service
    CONGO supports printing of badges ahead of time or on the fly at the event. In fact, the Coconut interface is optimized for high speed lookup, attendee confirmation, and badge printing, allowing many events to do on the fly on-site printing of badges as attendees walk in the door.