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Keystone is a web-based ticketing system for keeping track of tasks and other items within a small to medium sized workgroup. Keystone utilizes a high performance web interface for all assets of the process, from setup and configuration through ticket management and reporting.


  • Complete platform-independent web-based interface
  • Written in PHP for total portability
  • Supports many back end SQL database systems through a flexible database abstraction layer


  • Supports 'public' user interface as well as advanced highly configurable 'technician' interface
  • Configurable views for sorting, highlighting, and categorization
  • Hierarchial "Parent / Child" grouping of tickets
  • Complete audit log of all updates or changes to a ticket
  • E-Mail notification to technicians and/or users when tickets change or are created
  • System-definable filter views
  • User-editable reports
  • ACL-based access permissions by group or user

Asset Management

  • Asset management
  • Track equipment issues by associating tickets with equipment
  • Keep inventory of individual parts or quantity-on-hand
  • Associate inventory with systems to keep full equipment tally

Contact management

  • Keep track of companies or individuals
  • User logins for contacts to view associated tickets
  • View tickets associated with contacts or contacts associated with tickets
  • Any number of email, phone, or address entries per contact