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Professional Services

Stonekeep Consulting offers a variety of professional services to organizations and event planners. We are available to help with all aspects of your event, from basic planning through hands-on on-site operation.

Here is a summary of what we can do for you.

Pre-Event Planning and Consulting

Stonekeep has many years experience in event planning, management, and implementation. We have been intimately involved not only in the Registration side of running an event, but also in basic scheduling and planning, hotel negotiations, and expense management. We can help your event you run a smoother, less costly event.

CONGO Hosting

Stonekeep has a professional hosting facility available to host your CONGO installation as well as your entire event's pages if necessary. We can provide technical assistance in installation, configuration, and customization of the software to meet your events needs. Need help with web page design, layout, or composition? No problem, we can help you design your website, as well as get it up and running so your attendees can find all the information they need.

See our hosting page for more information.

CONGO personal installation support

Have the experience to run your own servers? CONGO is available for download and local installation. Licensing is available for a variety of situations. See the prerequisites to see if you have what's needed to run the system.

Badge Printing Services

For smaller events, we've found that many customers like to have their badges pre-printed and mailed off for distribution at event checkin. Stonekeep has professional grade printers available for pre-printing your badges in time for your event. Badges can be printed in full color, double-sided, slot punched, with any artwork, information, or other details you'd like to have available.

Stonekeep works primarily with 'CR80' sized PVC badges. These badges are identical in size and weight to a standard credit card. They are durable, easy to work with in large numbers, and inexpensive. They can be displayed in 'pouches' or hung from badge clips or lanyards.

We have also found that when particular care is taken with the artwork and layout, badges become collectors items from the event, with many attendees treasuring the badge as a particular keepsake from the event that they keep long after the event has completed.

Supplies and Equipment

Stonekeep can provide your event with all the registration supplies necessary to make your event registration a checkin a professional, well run process. We can provide lanyards, badge clips, holders, badge reels, and other supplies. We also offer equipment rentals for badge printers, slot punches, and other gear.

Things you might consider for your event:

  • Nylon badge clips - a simple and cost effective way of attaching badges.
  • Lanyards - Convenient, attractive, and flexible. Lanyards can be customized for connector type, color, and for wider lanyards, printed logos or text.
  • Badge holders - Some clients prefer 'pouch' style badge holders where the badge sits in a clear plastic holder.
  • Reels - Usually seen for proximity or swipe badges, badge reels are a handy way of keeping a badge 'visible', but make it easy to 'bring it closer' to scan a bar code, show someone authentication, or just to fidget with. Badge reels may also be customized with logos or text.

On site Event Support and On the Fly Badge Printing

Have the need for a full time, on site managers to run your registration operation? Stonekeep can help! We can arrive on site two days before your event, work out the logistics of the registration setting, set up printing operations and workstations, organize and train your staff, and fine-tune the registration process to offer a streamlined, professional experience for your attendees. Stonekeep will provide all the materials necessary for registration, including workstations, networking hardware, printers, printer supplies, servers, power, and training for all the materials. CONGO will be set up for on-the-fly badge printing, with badges being printed in under 5 seconds from the time the operator puts the request in to the time the badge is ready for the attendee to pick up.

In general we like to work with volunteers who are part of the event staff, but for larger events, we can organize hiring temporary workers to staff the terminals.

If you'd like quotes on any of these services, feel free to contact us, and we'd be happy to work up solutions for you and your event!